Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring has never been more popular. Today’s hardwood floors are designed to match any décor – Imagine a floor so beautiful it becomes the focal point of your room. Wood floors have the natural beauty and solid performance you are looking for and at a price you can afford. Choose the traditional look of oak, the warmth of American cherry, the rustic character of hickory or the richness of walnut, whatever your pleasure, you will find it at Accu-Floor.

From sophisticated contemporary to distinctive, hand-scraped rustic. Hardwood flooring is suitable for most areas of your home for a lifetime of enjoyment. Imperfection makes an object unique. Chisel marks, half-moon indentations and slight variations in color are the characteristics that give a handcrafted floor real value. Hand scraped wood flooring offers an authentic, one-of-a-kind work of beauty and the durability of modern technology.

Our wood flooring offers a variety of different types of wood, from North America to Brazil, in both traditional as well as exotic species, all selected for the warmth of their colors and the beauty of their natural grain. From simple unfinished wood that we can stain to match an existing floor to furniture grade finish applied at the mill, these unique products will delight even the most demanding homeowners by adding an original touch of refinement to your home décor.

Earth is our home. Accu-Floor does not sell any endangered species or wood harvested from rain forests. All of our exotic species are harvested from purpose built farms and we require our manufacturers to recycle all material unused for actual planking.

Hardwood Refinishing

Well maintained wood floors can last longer than any other floofing product. Our professionals can repair, sand, and refinish your hardwood for years and years or beautiful service. We can match any existing colors or stain your wood for an entirely new look.

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